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What if at school you had to take an art class in which you were only taught how to paint a fence?
What if you were never shown the paintings of Leonardo and Picasso?
Would that make you appreciate art?
Would you want to learn more about it?
Mathematics is just like art.

E. Frenkel

  So often in the world of mathematics we remain confined to the little village we have known for centuries, the one of school-mathematics; only few overcome appearances and start to wander into the wilderness, marvelling at how this limitless and unchartable world towers upon them.


This project was born with the idea of guiding a few curious villagers through this sublime world, crafting stories that feel like trails through this abstract cosmos, departing from the village, seeing dashes of philosophy and physics here and there, going from the ethereal and lush forests of number theory to the smooth shape-shifting hills of differential geometry, and everything in between.

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